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Having recently adopted responsive design into our own arsenal of skills, we had a fierce discussion in our weekly team meeting on Wednesday: would the new responsive design technology replace the mobi site as we know it.

, Director of Content Solutions at Resolution Media, says he agrees with the founder of Responsive Design, Ethan Marcotte. The technology is not supposed to replace mobile websites. He supports his statement by saying that there still is merit in separate mobile sites. Though it is easy to collate all your digital assets under one domain, serving your user with just the necessary data is sometimes more important than lavishing your whole portfolio over a mobile network.

When implemented correctly, Responsive Design may very well be the answer to your problem. If however you need to provide a core service to a user, chances are he couldn’t be bothered with your vision and mission statement or board of directors’ business profiles.

Tom Shivers, in his article on reasons why Google, developers, users and marketers love responsive design, titled Mobile Sites Will Be Replaced By Responsive Web Design, states that he believes this technology is the future. In Wednesday’s team meeting though, we came to the opposite conclusion.

Responsive design has its place in the realm of all things internet. So does the .mobi platform for now. As the digital environment is an ever evolving beast, full of surprises, we will just watch this space and experience the ride ahead.