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Responsive designers know this: It is not only in this industry that we need to be able to swerve and dodge, but responding to changes fast will undoubtedly give a chance at landing in the higher ranks.

Responsive designers adapt easily and fast. No, this is not another article on Responsive Design. It seems to be the new buzz though. Even I posted an article on Responsive Design replacing the Mobi Site, trying to put it into context. I feel it won’t replace mobile sites. It does have its place though. Mobile users have different objectives when surfing the web. They are looking for something specific and need the information fast and concise.

It’s great having responsive design in your arsenal and even being able to talk with the big boys on the topic. In this industry it is of utmost importance to stay on top of the latest technology, stay ahead of the pack. It is part of that USP of your business as well as value you can offer to new and existing clients.

All of this will require that you are a responsive designer:

  • Responsive to the market locally and internationally,
  • Responsive to your clients’ needs,
  • Responsive to the industry and
  • Responding to all of these in a decent timeframe.

Knowing is not enough. There needs to be action to apply the knowledge. How do you stay ahead? There are a few key factors to consider:

  • Read! Never stop reading. Search for new blogs and follow them if you feel they deliver viable, up to date information on the industry.
  • Watch! Subscribe to relevant vlogs and get your weekly dose of how-to’s.
  • Chat! Join social circles and discuss what you have learnt as well as suck up like a sponge everything that they have to offer.
  • Apply! It will not help having the knowledge and sitting on it until it is half-baked. Make sure of the feasibility in your company’s strategy and run with it.

I must admit I thrive on the industry moving fast. It is taxing sometimes to keep up with all the morphing and growing of this business we call digital design. Yet, when Christmas comes and you look back at the effort, blood, sweat and tears and see how much your business has grown, it is all worth it and we do it all again in January for the year coming J

Do’s for the month to come:

  • Read. Watch. Chat. Apply. Stretch your legs and leap ahead.
  • Be responsive to the market, your clients, the industry and all this in a decent timeframe.
  • Don’t be scared, be cautious. There is a difference J

Have a stunning September. Be sure to leave your comments and let us know how you became a more responsive designer.