“Our service is good enough”…Really?


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This is the reply I got from a service provider on questioning their response time on a logged 24-hour call. This company is not alone. This seems to be the common sentiment with lots of businesses now. If the cost for the service is low, the common response is “You get what you pay for.” When advertising stipulates criteria, the company generally feels that as long as they deliver within the specified parameters, they fulfilled their duty.

So what constitutes good service? Delivering within contractual or advertised criteria? Or going above and beyond and garnering more word-of-mouth advertising than your company could ever hope for?

After this disappointing service I posted on Twitter and Facebook and am now blogging about the experience. Many people, now that we are globally connected, carry their feeling about and towards a company to the internet. Should it not then be more urgent for companies to meet clients’ needs? Almost a minute after asking for recommendations on a new service provider I received an answer from my friends, all agreeing on one company they all trust. I will definitely contact the suggested company on Monday. Why? Because the word-of-mouth advertising gives me the assurance that many people have had a pleasant experience with them. That is all I need right now: good service. Not even great, just good.

Before you ask, this is the second time I am disappointed by this service provider. So they did get their recommended second chance.

This is why Josh Multimedia focuses on service and after-sales care. It is hard to deliver this service though when your service provider can’t keep your online business online. It feels to me like all you need to have a successful business these days is SERVICE above and beyond. I don’t think it is too much to ask for. You want word-of-mouth advertising about your company to be positive. This is only possible if all your employees carry the same values. If the whole body of the company does not believe in your vision of service and excellence, chances are you are letting down a big part of your customer base.